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Saint Francis U Spearheads NEC SAAC Money Wars Fundraiser

Somerset, NJ -- It's been a four-year climb, but Saint Francis U has finally topped the Mount.

In a record-shattering conference-wide competition, the SFU Red Flash raised $5,820.14 to edge out three-time defending champion Mount St. Mary's for the NEC SAAC Money Wars crown.

“Each year our Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has looked forward to this competition and their success is a testament to their hard work, creativity, and passion for making a difference.  It was a total team effort,” said SFU SAAC advisor John Krimmel.

One hundred percent of the raised funds will go to the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation. The Harrisburg, PA-located organization assists children under age 18 & their families who are facing the hardships of a cancer diagnosis.

SFU’s first-place dollar amount sets the all-time single-year record for a NEC school since the annual fundraising event began in 2010.

In fact, the top-three finishers in this year’s race all surpassed the record that the Mount set during the 2016-17 academic year.

Mount St. Mary’s most-recent collection efforts yielded a $5,137.59, a 28.3 percent increase over its winning total from last year.

Robert Morris claimed third place in this year’s Money Wars after donating $4,300.00 to the cause.

Collectively, NEC SAAC leaders from the league’s 10 core member institutions raised an all-time high $21,720.75.  That figure represents a 59.1 percent surge from the $13,650 that was contributed during the 2016-17 academic year.

“Winning Money Wars is ultimately exciting because of the difference it makes for the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation and those that are touched by their efforts...the true winners in this competition,” said Krimmel. “Our student-athletes continue to see the bigger picture in making a difference in the lives of others.  We are so proud of our SAAC and all of our student-athletes at Saint Francis and look forward to continuing this partnership with CCRF!"

Saint Francis U, which last won the competition in 2014, had finished as the runner-up to the Mount each of the past two years.

With the annual collective donation having increased each of the past five years, the NEC SAAC’s efforts have resulted in a total of $88,228.84 being sent to CCRF since 2010.

“I’m so proud of the NEC SAAC members for the incredible dedication and commitment they have shown to the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation through the annual Money Wars fundraiser,” said NEC Commissioner Noreen Morris. “The NEC student-athletes continue to out-do themselves year after year, and their efforts continue positively impact so many young children’s lives. ”

About The Northeast Conference
Now in its 37th year, the Northeast Conference is an NCAA Division I collegiate athletic association consisting of 10 institutions of higher learning located throughout six states. Media coverage of the NEC extends to four of the largest markets in the United States - New York (#1), Pittsburgh (#23), Baltimore (#27), and Hartford/New Haven (#30).  Founded in 1981 as the basketball-only ECAC Metro Conference, the NEC has grown to sponsor 22 championship sports for men and women and now enjoys automatic access to 14 different NCAA Championships. NEC member institutions include Bryant, Central Connecticut, Fairleigh Dickinson, LIU Brooklyn, Mount St. Mary’s, Robert Morris, Sacred Heart, St. Francis Brooklyn, Saint Francis U, and Wagner. For more information on the NEC, visit the league’s official website ( and digital network (, or follow the league on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, all @NECsports.

About Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF)
Headquartered in New Oxford, PA., the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation improves the mental, social and emotional well-being of children with cancer and their families. The foundation delivers gifts to thousands of children each year through the Bear-Able Gifts program and emergency funds for families of children with cancer through its Helping Hands Fund. With a national pediatric-hospital partner network of more than 215 locations, the foundation directly helps more than 15,000 children affected by cancer and their families each year. For more information, visit

Letter from the Executive Director

If you google Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation, like any other thing in life, you will find the good and the bad. Unfortunately, as we all know, the bad news is what will sell and what the media will focus on. If you look at the Evening Sun, you will see a story that was written about CCRF stating that a large portion of our funds raised go directly to telemarketing expenses. They fail to inform you about all of the lives that our foundation has touched. They have not reached out to the families that we have assisted to ask them what that $300 payment (from CCRF) to their electric company meant. It meant that they had electric for another month, as they were unable to work and afford the payment due to spending day after day in the hospital, watching their child fight cancer, and knowing that there is nothing that they can do for them. 

In my first few weeks of working at CCRF, I saw returned mail coming into the agency. These mailings had handwritten notes stating: “I am 87 years old, please take me off of your mailing”, “I am going into a nursing home, please remove me from your list”, and “Please take this $10 donation, and remove me from your mailing list”. This only confirmed that the telemarketing companies are, in fact, targeting the elderly; which hurt my heart, and is not something that I wish to be a part of- personally or for our agency. As I was reading these statements, I immediately thought of my Grandmother- she was the target of scam after scam. Her trusting, loving heart always wanted to help. If I found out through a thank you card from CCRF that my Gram sent money through direct mailing going to a P.O. Box in Washington DC, or through a phone call with a pushy, out-of-state telemarketer on the other end, I would have lectured her, telling her to never donate to a scam like this again. Then if I would have Googled CCRF and read the article that the Evening Sun had posted, I would have really questioned if Gram’s money was being used wisely. I, too, would have made an angry phone call to the organization, demanding that she be removed from their lists and that she never be contacted again!    

Just this week, as I was drafting this letter, the foundation received a call. It was the daughter of an elderly woman; she left an angry message on our general voicemail about a charge that was on her mother’s credit card. I told the staff that I would personally return the call. I called her back to apologize for the charges and explained that I fully agree with her complaints. As the conversation continued, she apologized that she left a stern message. I assured her that I understood her aggravation. It was fifteen minutes later that we hung up, and as we were saying goodbye, the daughter thanked me again for my time and stated how impressed she was that the Executive Director would take the time to personally return her call. Additionally, she added, “I am going to tell Mom that if she would like to help the children with cancer, that she has to send her donation directly to you”. 

As of 1/1/2018- We are UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! This is when I started as the Executive Director and also added 3 new members to the Board of Directors. Already this year, we have canceled all of our telemarketing and direct mailing contracts. This year, WE WANT TO BE INVOLVED in the LOCAL COMMUNITY rather than using telemarketing funding. We want to know our donors and we want our donors to know us! CCRF was running mainly on the donations from the telemarketing calls and mailing, with a small portion of funding coming from events and fundraisers pulled together by community members. CCRF is not a state-funded organization. In order for the foundation to continue the mission, we need the support from our community.

Please help CCRF get “Back to the Essentials”, by watching for and attending our events. Consider following us on social media, or signing up for a monthly newsletter on our website- and watch for details for events and raffles. We look forward to seeing you at an event, and in our community!

Essential Oils: Spring Cleaning

Good morning, Good Night & All Points in Between,

Ahh with Spring comes the joy of longer days, warmer nights, and budding flowers as well as for many perhaps a less happy thought – Spring Cleaning. In addition to the dust and muck of being sealed up for the winter, the insides of our homes are growing increasingly polluted by toxins from a variety of sources. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that a growing body of scientific evidence reveals that the air inside our homes can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air even in the largest cities, devoting an entire website sprinkled with numerous links to other websites devoted to improving Indoor Air Quality (“The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality”). While some risks are simply unavoidable, such as dust, pollen, animal dander, building material, or overwhelming to even consider how to change, this month’s blog focuses on something that can be simple, effective, and is 100% doable – DIY cleaning products.

First, let’s look at how “clean” the standard cleaning product really is. Statistics show that the average U.S. home uses over 40 pounds of cleaning products a year. Unlike pharmaceuticals or pesticides, industrial chemicals do not have to be tested before they are put on the market. While 85,000 industrial chemicals are registered with the EPA for use, only about 2% of those have been tested for their effects on the human body (“Think Those Chemicals Have Been Tested?” and “Under New Safety Law 20, Toxic Chemicals EPA Should Act on Now”). The Environmental Working Group’s investigation of over 2,000 cleaning products on the US market found that many contain substances linked to serious health problems, including asthma and other respiratory issues we commonly contribute to “allergies” as well as cancer. According to the study, 53% of cleaning products under their review contained lung-harming ingredients, while several contained well-known carcinogens. A recent Newsweek article sums it up through its title alone “Impact of Cleaning Products on Women’s Lungs as Damaging as 20-a-Day Cigarette Habit”. When we clean, many use caustic cleaners that require us to hold our breath, open a window, and wear gloves to protect ourselves from labels blaring “CAUTION”, “WARNING”, “CORROSIVE”, “FLAMMABLE”, and “POISON.” More alarming, most of the products warn “Keep out of Reach of Children” and most consumers believe that if our children do not ingest them, they will not be harmed by them; however, the most common methods of exposure are through the skin and respiratory tract. Thus, children are even more susceptible to these toxins because of their thinner skin and increased exposure to “clean” floors, surfaces (high chair trays, tables), and “disinfected” toys. Pound for pound, children’s exposure levels are higher than adults because while the amount of exposure remains the same, children’s bodies are smaller so the concentration is higher in a body that’s still developing. Part of the problem is debunking the common misconception that using chemicals equate to a cleaner surface. As consumers, we are driven to trust marketers that “industrial-strength” will make our homes cleaner but what that should trigger is industrial strength tells us that the cleaner is so strong, it should not be used in our homes. If these products could potentially be harmful to you, your family, your pets, and ultimately the environment, should we really be utilizing them in our cleaning of where we eat, sleep, and live?

What if we could make household cleaning less burdensome by using products that not only counteract the toxins that we cannot control but support our health and uplift our emotions while we wipe, scrub, dust mop, and wash? Making your own cleaning products not only allows you to know exactly what is going into your products but are affordable, environmentally friendly, easy to make and just as effective (if not more so) than store-bought cleaners. Although dōTERRA essential oils may not suddenly make cleaning a pleasure for everyone, adding these to those DIY cleaners provides some great side benefits to accompany the non-toxic process of getting your home clean. Combine some baking soda with a few drops of lavender essential oil to use as a carpet or mattress sprinkle that not only sanitizes and deodorizes but can support a restful night’s sleep. Add a few tablespoons of white vinegar with water to a glass spray bottle and add a few drops of wild orange or lemon dōTERRA essential oil to use as a multipurpose cleaner than not only disinfects but can energize and uplift your mood. For more simple DIY recipes, please check out doTERRA’s Essential Oils for Cleaning: doTERRA’s Best Cleaning DIYs.

The following provides a list of just a few of the inexpensive and natural products you can utilize to clean your home safely and affordably. While these non-toxic suggestions are pet and human-friendly – you want to be sure to exercise common sense and follow all safety instructions when handling!

Baking Soda: Scrubs, whitens, cuts grease and absorbs odors.

White Vinegar: Kills germs, cuts grease, deodorizes, and dissolves mineral deposits.

Castile Soap: Versatile, all-natural vegetable-based genuine soap which takes its name from the region of Spain where it originated that forms a great base for your DIY dish soap, laundry detergent, or garden spray.

dōTERRA Essential Oils: These include but are certainly not limited to: On Guard (a powerful combination of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, wild orange, and rosemary), Lavender, Arborvitae, and Lemon. In addition, citrus essential oils are known not only for their purification qualities but for their ability to increase energy and uplift the mood.

In addition to the ingredients above, one of the simplest ways you can start detoxifying your homes is to toss out all those synthetic air fresheners, including your plugins, candles, and sprays. Consider adding about 10 drops of dōTERRA essential oils of your choice to your air filter the next time you replace it; utilize a diffuser in your living room or bedroom, or attach a cotton ball with a few drops of dōTERRA essential oil to your air vents. By using dōTERRA essential oils aromatically, not only are you helping to purify the air inside your home but incorporating essential oils can also help to boost your mood, energy levels, provide emotional support, and support a healthy immune and respiratory system.

Can it be that simple? Yes, it sure can!

To learn more, PLEASE JOIN US FOR A CLASS (Informational or DIY) on how incorporating essential oils into your spring (and ultimately daily) cleaning routine can support us both physically and emotionally. All attendees will be entered in a class giveaway. All proceeds benefit the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation

Remember, all it takes is one small drop to create a ripple that can lead to a cascade of possibilities.




About Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation

Headquartered in New Oxford, PA, the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation supports children under 18 and their families facing the hardships of cancer. The foundation performs acts of care and kindness through the following programs: Bear-Able Gifts (largest distributor of gifts to children with cancer in the U.S.); the Helping Hands Fund (provides emergency financial assistance to families); and Camp Scholarships (allows children in remission to reconnect with activities they love). With a national pediatric hospital partner network of 215+ locations, the foundation directly helps more than 16,000 children affected by cancer and their families every year. Please visit

Essential Oils: 101

Good morning, Good Night, and/or All Points in Between (depending on when you are taking the time to read this….)

Welcome to the inaugural CCRF "Back to the Essentials" Blog - This begins what I hope will be a long relationship together where I will be addressing all sorts of topics, tips, and tricks in the hopes to detoxify your body, your home, your life. I recently had the great pleasure of meeting the new CCRF Executive Director in a class that I was teaching, learning about the phenomenal things that CCRF does, wanting to find a way to volunteer, and realizing that they were located right in my backyard. So long serendipitous story short…voila!

Now bear with me, I must confess up front – I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination. My Master’s Degree is in Urban Affairs and Public Policy, and as a Historic Preservation Specialist, I deal with the building environment every day. But it’s not such a stretch from architectural historian to wellness advocate, for if we don’t take care of ourselves, “preserve” ourselves if you will, how can we then take care of each other and the world that surrounds us? In the same vein, we can learn so much from the past and those who came before us - who lived centuries, millennia - before us.

For the first time in history, the life expectancy of our kids is lower than our own; and this is true ONLY in the United States ( Politics aside, the statistics are startling when you compare just how the US ranks in overall healthcare as well as the toxins we allow into items that we use EVERYDAY. To put it plainly, we are exposed to more chemicals and toxins in one day than our grandparents were in their lifetimes. To some this may not be newsworthy but to all it should be, especially when you realize that such exposure affects everything from our energy levels, to our weight, from our emotional wellbeing, to yes, our overall life expectancy.  To me, as a parent of two very young boys (as well as a herd of various pets and farm animals) that is horrifying and unacceptable.

And it’s to that point where my journey began. I have a desire to empower myself and my own family to proactively take charge of their own health and environment – controlling what they CAN control – turning to natural solutions first, asking questions, sharing with their friends regardless of what they think they do or do not know. My desire has grown and morphed – through phenomenal teachers, medical professionals, and an incredible support network—from a personal revelation to a lifestyle revolution that I just want to share with everyone – including you.

The intent of these monthly blogs is not to alarm you but ideally to motivate you to do your own research, empower you to know there are alternatives, and inspire you to make changes. My story is not atypical or even blog worthy but trust me, we all have (or will have) our Eureka moment - Come find yours.

RSVP to the Essential Oils: 101 Class here.





About Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation

Headquartered in New Oxford, PA, the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation supports children under 18 and their families facing the hardships of cancer. The foundation performs acts of care and kindness through the following programs: Bear-Able Gifts (largest distributor of gifts to children with cancer in the U.S.); the Helping Hands Fund (provides emergency financial assistance to families); and Camp Scholarships (allows children in remission to reconnect with activities they love). With a national pediatric hospital partner network of 215+ locations, the foundation directly helps more than 16,000 children affected by cancer and their families every year. Please visit

CCRF Wraps Up 2017 Toy Shipments

New Oxford, PA — November 27, 2017 —The continued generosity of individuals and corporations across the United States has allowed the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation’s (CCRF) Bear-Able Gift Program to put smiles on the faces of children living with cancer. Those smiles help to make the life of a child with cancer more bearable and hopeful while receiving treatment.

During the 4th quarter, the Bear-Able Gift Program delivered 5,028 toys and gifts to 26 hospitals across the country to help brighten the lives of 2,465 children living with cancer. Volunteers from GFWC Mechanicsburg and Girl Scout Troop 80093 assisted the CCRF staff in packing and shipping each Bear-Able Gift!

This most recent toy shipment wrapped up the 2017 Bear-Able Gifts toy shipments. With the help of volunteers, CCRF sent a total of 28,333 toys to 10,685 children in 2017!

The Bear-Able Gift Program distributes items such as games, toys, crayons, coloring books, video games, puzzles, books and teddy bears — all kinds of things that make children smile — to hospitals and oncology centers across the country. The program makes CCRF the largest supplier of gifts to children in North America who have cancer. It relies solely on donations of new and unwrapped toys.

There are a number of ways in which individuals and businesses can help support CCRF’s Bear-Able Gift Program; they include sponsoring a toy drive or raising or donating funds. To sponsor your own toy drive, visit If you would like to donate to CCRF's Bear-Able Gifts Program, please visit For more information contact us at