Children's Cancer Recovery
Expressions Of Gratitude

On behalf of Deliver the Dream and the families we serve, I would like to thank you for your recent in-kind-donation of Bear-Able Gift Bags in support of our Deliver the Dream family retreat program.  Your generosity will help a retreat experience for families facing serious illness or crisis, allowing them to reunite, escape the overwhelming stress of their daily lives, and just be families and kids again...  We are grateful for your kindness and generosity, and appreciate your desire to help us continue to make a difference in the lives of families.

Paul Witherow, Executive Director, Deliver the Dream

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Nevada is proud to have great friends like you who help support a wonderful organization and cause.  I would like to thank you for your recent contribution to send a child to Camp Firefly and for helping us make a different in the life of a child with cancer....

Warmest regards,
Melissa Cipriano, Director of Development, Candlelighters

THANK YOU!  The children, families and staff of Toledo Children's Hospital would like to thank you for your recent donation.  It is the goal of the Child Life program to make each stay a positive experience.  Through your efforts and generosity toward Toledo Children's Hospital, you are helping us achieve our goal.  Thank you so much for the very generous donation!

Child Life Team, Toledo Children's Hospital, Toledo, OH

On behalf of Advocate Health Care, we thank you for your donation to Hope Children's Hospital.  Knowing how difficult it is for our children during this time of illness, we strive to create a positive environment filled with love and support.  It is through the generosity of our friends, like you, that help us brighten a child's day.  We are most appreciative of your kindness, and we thank you for your partnership.  Thank you so much for all of the wonderful toys and the donation of Bear-Able Bags.

Melissa C., Child Life Specialist
Advocate Hope Children's Hospital, Oak Lawn, IL

On behalf of the Children's Hospital at Providence, I would like to thank you for your generous ongoing donation of Bear-Able Bags.  Your commitment to helping the childhood cancer patients and families is sincerely appreciated.  With the help of your donation, we will continue to see improvements in providing family-centered care to every patient and family here at Providence.

Thanks again for your generous support,
Jennifer, Child Life Services
Providence Hospital, Anchorage, Alaska

I would like to thank you for your recent donation of Bear-Able Bags to LeBonheur children.  Your organization touches so many lives and brings many smiles to children and their families.  We are thankful that you have shared your joy with out patients and families.  Thanks again for your generosity and for thinking of LeBonheur.

Lauren Wilson, CLS
LeBonheur Children's Medical Center

Good Afternoon!

On behalf of the Presbyterian Blume Pediatric Hematoloty and Oncology Clinic, I would like to thank you for your recent donations of toys.  We were so excited to open a box full of toys for our patients.  We have a  "brave basket" where patients and siblings get to pick out a prize after their clinic visit and treatments for being so brave.  Cancer Recovery Foundation's donation is a perfect addition to keep this program going.  Thank you so much for your generosity, especially in a year that has been so economically difficult on everyone.  We greatly appreciate it!

Thank you,
Katy Field, CCLS, Presbyterian Blume Pediatric Hematoloyg & Oncology Clinic
Charlotte, NC

Dear Friends,

On behalf of All Children's Hospital Foundation, thank you for the Bear-Able Bags.  Your thoughtfulness towards the children we care for is especially meaningful and greatly appreciated.  Every gift counts when it comes to the care and well being of a hospitalized child.  The generosity and kindness of friends like you helps to bring smiles to our young patients...easing the anxiety they face with being away from home.  The families of our young patients are also grateful for the wonderful outpouring of love and unselfishness that our community shares.

Stephanie Hall
Director, Telethon/Annual Giving, All Children's Hospital Foundation
St. Petersburg, FL

Vermont Children's Hospital has been so fortunate to receive the wonderful boxes of toys and treats that your Foundation sends for patients.  They have provided hours and hours of fun and play for countless children.

The donations you sent in December were simply amazing!  The addition of Crayola supplies were a huge hit and gave patients great projects to keep them distracted and/or occupied during medical procedures and hospitalizations.  The children that had the misfortune of being hospitalized during the holidays truly benefited from the donation.  They were able to pick from a myraid of options and some children even made Christmas presents for their family and friends.

I am so grateful for your donations.  I think this often but do not say it enough.  So thank you for the things you send so that kids can be kids and temporarily forget that they are patients.

Penny DeGoosh, MSW, Vermont Children's Hospital

On behalf of the kids at St. Louis Children's Hospital, thank you for your generous donation of holiday Barbies, stuffed animals, Crayola craft kits and toys for our cancer patients.  They brought some much needed cheer during this holiday season and that's the best medicine of all.  St. Louis Children's Hospital strives to do what's right for kids. Your generosity has helped us achieve that goal.  Thanks again.

Happy Holidays,
Karen Rieker, In-Kind Coordinator, Children's Hospital Foundation, St. Louis, MO

The Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Cooper would like to personally thank you for the generous donation to our center.  The patients from Cooper Hospital who received toys on Christmas are truly thankful for your generosity.  It was so wonderful to see the smile and relief on a parent's face when I told them we could help supply gifts for the holidays.  As you are well aware, a diagnosis of cancer adds many stressors to a family.  During these difficult economic times we are seeing less and less donations.  The five boxes of toys arrived just in time to help during the holidays.  I truly thank you for this wonderful gift.

Kasey Massa, LSW
Cooper Children's Regionsl Hospital, NJ

We want to sincerely thank you for your donation of toys to the Bi-Lo Charities Children's Cancer Center in Greenville, SC.  The toys you sent helped to make our Santa's workshop a big success.  Thank you for your continued support of our patients and families.

Jamie Gibson, CCLS, Camp Courage Director, Bi-Lo Charities Children's Cancer Center, Greenville, SC

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you!  Christmas is also a time to reflect and be thankful for people and their efforts.  I'm taking this opportunity to thank you for all that you guys do to help our children.  Thank you for all of the toys that were sent.  So far I've given one to a child when he really need it the most.  His mother had to travel home, 2 hours away, leaving him without her for a while.  I dug in the box and saw a Transformer that provided good company for him.

Beverly Denham, MSW
Miami Children's Hospital, Miami, Florida

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the children and families we care for at Connecticut Children's Medical Center, thank you for your generous donation of assorted toys and crafts.

Your gift is greatly appreciated and considered an important and valued component of the services we provide.  The toys, games, books and stuffed animals that are pat of the fun and learning of everyday life take on new meaning at Connecticut Children's.  In addition to being distributed as gifts, they are also used in play therapy to help soothe or distract a child during a difficult procedure.  Through your generous gesture, you are helping to promote a warm and welcoming environment that engages and stimulates children and alleviates their fear and pain as much as possible - and that, by extension, reassures and comforts the families who are with them.

Thank you for partnering with us to fulfill our mission of improving the physical and emotional health of children through specialized care, advocacy, research and education.

Maureen LeBlanc, Director of Information and Support Services
Connecticut Children's Medical Center

As a pediatric oncology social worker, the days can be rough!  Families struggling, kids attached to tubes and poles - bad news abounds.  However, today was a great day - because of YOU!  The Bear-Able Bags were amazing!  The kids loved the presents, the parents so appreciated the sentiment!  Thank you for your hard work, generosity and constant support to our families.

Happy Holidays,
Lindsay Gold, MSW
Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego

We just wanted to thank you all for all of the wonderful toys!  The Bear-Able Bags and items are always much anticipated - both for the staff to be able to hand out your items to these much-deserving children and for the patients to receive your wonderful toys!  Thank you again, and Happy Holidays!

Annie Hitt, CCLS
Backus Children's Hospital, Savannah, GA

With deep appreciation, we thank you for supporting Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong.  Your generosity will bring comfort and help to entertain the children that frequent our hospital, while putting smiles on their faces - and for this we are very grateful.  Here at Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong we are fortunate to experience two of life's greatest privileges - taking care of children and working with dedicated partners from the community.  Thank you for the wonderful assortment of toys for the patients here!

Most sincere thanks,
Child Life Department
Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong
University of Rochester Medical Center, NY

Dear Cancer Recovery Foundation,

Your donation of Bear-Able Bags was so greatly needed and appreciated!  Many children come to our hospital with nothing.  It's amazing how much one item can change their perspective!  Most of our toys are or will be well used and loved.  Thank you for thinking of us this year.

Child Life Services
Providence Children's Hospital, Anchorage, AK

The Child Life Program would like to thank the Cancer Recovery Foundation for your donation to the children at The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center.  The Bear-Able Bags were wonderful and filled with a wide variety of activities and gifts for children of all ages.

As you probably know, being in the hospital can be a difficult and stressful experience for children.  The Child Life Program strives to decrease the stress and anxiety children face while hospitalized and normalize the hospital environment as much as possible.  One of the ways we do that is through play.  Play is a natural way for children to express themselves and serves as a great distraction from the day to day events in the hospital.  Your donation will help support our goal in providing appropriate play activities for our patients.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  It is so nice to have people like you that help make BBCH such a wonderful place for patients and families.  Thank you again for the donation.

Sherisse Wormell, MS, CCLS
Child Life Coordinator, Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center

Thank you so much for your help!  Because my son has ALL, I cannot work, and my husband just got laid off, so your help has been like an early Christmas for us!  Please keep up the good work - sharing your love and caring for other people in a time of need.

God bless everyone,
Thank you,
Brenda C.