Children's Cancer Recovery

Penny Wars

Penny Wars is a game to be competed between clubs, teams, academic departments, or grade levels. The object is to get as many points as possible during the "war." The money raised during the penny war is then donated to Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF). Your donation helps CCRF create smiles, inspire hope, and rediscover childhood.


How it Works:

1. The project is run for any number of consecutive school days.
2. Each group (club, team, department, or grade) needs a large container.
3. Each container is labeled with the name of a group.
4. The containers should all be placed in a central location where there is some supervision.
5. Students, faculty, and staff put their pennies in their group's container. One point is received

    for every penny in the container.
6. Groups may put other coins and paper currency into the containers of OTHER groups. Each

    silver coin or bill reduces the number of points from that container by the amount of the coin

    (e.g. a nickel reduces the points by five, a dime by ten, a dollar by 100, etc...).
7. Containers are emptied and counted daily. The total monetary amount of silver coins and

    paper currency is deducted from the total number of pennies for the day.
8. The totals for all groups are posted daily to encourage friendly competition.



Download a Penny Wars Handout here.