Children's Cancer Recovery

Angelo’s Story

Child Name: Angelo
Diagnosis: Burkett Lymphoma
State: CA
Program: Camp Scholarship Program
Date Helped: February 2017

Angelo Yu survived the treatment against 4th stage Burkett Lymphoma in the head. His remission started in 2014. He went back to school hesitant and scared. He had this feeling of being someone different. It started from his outlook for losing his hair, his fear towards unfriendly reactions from peers, or from all sorts of anxiety that he was getting out of his predicament.

It is really hard for a child to accept the changes that are taking place with him. We can sense that, even if he would just say he is alright. His gestures and the way he gets along with other children was somewhat affected by his lack of self-esteem.

He used to run as fast as he could, but now his vision, as damaged by the tumor, keeps him from doing that. He was good at mathematics and reading but now the fonts are getting harder to see. He would just cry containing his excitement to say his topic at you when he would forget it seconds after waiting for your head to turn to him. It was a very frustrating situation and so much more struggle within.

We are so grateful that Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation has granted Angelo the funds to pursue his dream of being able to learn music. For such a wonderful support that was given to Angelo, he develops his skills through piano lessons and has been performing in recitals with the Yamaha Music School.

Through playing the piano, he has overcome his short-term memory loss and has gained as much self-confidence as possible.

May this foundation continue to support children, especially those with a disability as a result of their cancer, bring back their normal way of living. More power.

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