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Ciocca Honda Holds Toy Drive

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NEW OXFORD, PA - From June 12th to June 17th, Ciocca Honda in Harrisburg, PA held a toy drive to benefit Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation's (CCRF) Bear-Able Gifts program. The toy drive was part of their Team Honda Week of Service. 

CCRF ships to a network of 215+ hospitals each quarter of the year. The Bear-Able Gifts program is in place to bring hope and joy to pediatric cancer patients and their families while they are fighting cancer in the hospital. CCRF holds annual toy drives with WINK 104 and NASH FM around the holiday season to replenish the toy warehouse after a whole year of shipments. However, by holding toy drives throughout the year, we can have a wide variety of toys to ship each quarter. 

Team Honda was able to collect 299 toys valued at $3,500 throughout the week. With this donation, CCRF will be able to send toys to 100 children in hospitals across the country. Customers that donated were entered to win a 4-pack of tickets to Hershey Park and/or Knoebels. On Saturday, July 17, Honda held a cookout to thank their customers and NASH FM broadcasted live from the dealership. 

This was the first toy drive Ciocca Honda hosted with CCRF and it was quite the success! We look forward to working with Ciocca for future toy drives and fundraisers. Thanks to Ciocca's toy drive we will be able to deliver more toys and smiles to children battling cancer than ever before.

To learn more about the programs and services offered by CCRF, visit and check out our Central Pennsylvania map that shows area businesses that are also hosting toy drives where you can stop by and drop off a toy.  You can also email for more information on how to get involved.

Founded by a stage IV lung cancer survivor in 1990, Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF) is an IRS recognized 501(c) (3) charitable organization, serving children under age 18. With a national pediatric hospital partner network of 215+ locations, the Foundation directly helped more than 16,000 children affected by cancer in 2016.

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Nearly 3,000 Children Receive Toys

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New Oxford, PA — May 22, 2017 —The continued generosity of individuals and corporations across the United States has allowed the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation’s (CCRF) Bear-Able Gift Program, to put smiles on the faces of children living with cancer. Those smiles help to make the life of a child with cancer more bearable and hopeful while receiving treatment.

During the 2nd quarter, the Bear-Able Gift Program delivered 8,745 toys and gifts to 32 hospitals across the country to help brighten the lives of 2,915 children living with cancer. Volunteers from a local family, Girl Scout Troop 80093, GFWC Mechanicsburg, and Fulton Bank assisted the CCRF staff in packing and shipping each Bear-Able Gift!

The Bear-Able Gift Program distributes items such as games, toys, crayons, coloring books, video games, puzzles, books and teddy bears — all kinds of things that make children smile — to hospitals and oncology centers across the country. The program makes CCRF the largest supplier of gifts to children in North America who have cancer. It relies solely on donations of new and unwrapped toys.

There are a number of ways in which individuals and businesses can help support CCRF’s Bear-Able Gift Program; they include sponsoring a toy drive or raising or donating funds. For more information, please visit, or contact us at


Angelo’s Story

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Child Name: Angelo
Diagnosis: Burkett Lymphoma
State: CA
Program: Camp Scholarship Program
Date Helped: February 2017

Angelo Yu survived the treatment against 4th stage Burkett Lymphoma in the head. His remission started in 2014. He went back to school hesitant and scared. He had this feeling of being someone different. It started from his outlook for losing his hair, his fear towards unfriendly reactions from peers, or from all sorts of anxiety that he was getting out of his predicament.

It is really hard for a child to accept the changes that are taking place with him. We can sense that, even if he would just say he is alright. His gestures and the way he gets along with other children was somewhat affected by his lack of self-esteem.

He used to run as fast as he could, but now his vision, as damaged by the tumor, keeps him from doing that. He was good at mathematics and reading but now the fonts are getting harder to see. He would just cry containing his excitement to say his topic at you when he would forget it seconds after waiting for your head to turn to him. It was a very frustrating situation and so much more struggle within.

We are so grateful that Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation has granted Angelo the funds to pursue his dream of being able to learn music. For such a wonderful support that was given to Angelo, he develops his skills through piano lessons and has been performing in recitals with the Yamaha Music School.

Through playing the piano, he has overcome his short-term memory loss and has gained as much self-confidence as possible.

May this foundation continue to support children, especially those with a disability as a result of their cancer, bring back their normal way of living. More power.

Serena’s Story

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Child Name: Serena
Age: 15
Diagnosis: ALL
State: NV
Program: Camp Scholarships Program


1. Cancer. When did this word enter your life? When did your child go into remission?
January 23, 2017

2. How has cancer affected your family in a positive and/or negative way?
I hate seeing my daughter go through her hard days but they aren’t so many. She had a hard month but does well now since doctors figured out the source of her pain and could treat it. It’s also great to see how nice people can be when they see you going through a trial like this.

3. What has been the biggest challenge or struggle during your child’s treatment?
Stomach pain, headaches, nausea, fatigue, and stress make me emotional which makes Serena emotional as well.

4. How have you and your family stayed mentally and emotionally healthy?
Yes, because of my fiancé. He helps with her appointments, which are hard for me. We try to keep everything the same. We also exercise and do fun things together as much as possible.

5. What has brought the most joy or fun to your family’s life during your child’s treatment?
Seeing how kind those around us are reacting through this trial.

6. How was your family impacted when chosen to receive help from our Helping Hands Fund?
I was poor as a child and once I became a mom, soon after I became a single mom for 8 years. I appreciate every little bit of help I get. I don’t know how to express my gratitude enough, especially because I am not used to asking for help. Thank you!

7. How did you hear about Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation?
Through National Childhood Cancer Foundation.

8. Is there something about your circumstance that is unique? If so, please explain.
My daughter was the captain of her school volleyball team and thriving in every way! It was a fluke that we caught it. We caught it with monthly blood tests. We are so thankful we caught it early!


Hours-Locations Helps Send Bear-Able Gifts

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Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with With the sponsorship, CCRF will be able to send at least fifty Bear-Able Gifts to children. Children battling cancer in hospitals across the country will receive gifts during the remaining three Bear-Able Gifts toy shipments in 2017. The hope of the Bear-Able Gifts Program is to put a smile on a young cancer patients face as they fight the toughest battle of their life. 

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About Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation

Headquartered in New Oxford, PA, the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation supports children under 18 and their families facing the hardships of cancer. The foundation performs acts of care and kindness through the following programs: Bear-Able Gifts (largest distributor of gifts to children with cancer in the U.S.); the Helping Hands Fund (provides emergency financial assistance to families); and Camp Scholarships (allows children in remission to reconnect with activities they love). With a national pediatric hospital partner network of 215+ locations, the foundation directly helps more than 16,000 children affected by cancer and their families every year. Please visit