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How To Naturally Clean Kitchen With Lemon

Learn how to clean the kitchen naturally with lemon! Here are 4 toxic-free ways to use lemons instead of chemical-filled cleaners:


1) Cutting Board

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Sprinkle salt on a cutting board and scrub with a lemon half (cut side down) while squeezing slightly. Let the lemon salt mixture sit for 5 minutes (or overnight for tough stains), then scrape off and rinse.

2) Refrigerator Air Freshener

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Place lemon halves in refrigerator for a few hours to eliminate odors.

3) Sink Garbage Disposal

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Pour lemon and ice cubes down into the sink. Run garbage disposal until lemon and ice have passed through completely.

4) Microwave

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Add 1/2 cup water into a microwavable bowl. Squeeze one lemon and add halves into bowl. Place in microwave and heat on high for 3 minutes. Let the container sit in the microwave (unopened) for 5 minutes. Remove the container and wipe down the microwave with clean cloth.


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