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National Cancer Survivors Day is June 7

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National Cancer Survivors Day falls this year on Sunday, June 7th! National Cancer Survivors Day is a celebration for cancer survivors and demonstrates that you CAN beat cancer! This day falls on the second Sunday of June every year and serves as an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, support for families struggling, and a way for the community to come together and give back.

Celebrate this special day by honoring a cancer survivor or a loved one by helping children and their families who are still struggling with cancer. Your donation today and on June 7th makes a difference. Please join us in the fight against cancer!

Why should I get Involved?

  • Honor a Cancer Survivor! Show your support and join the celebration.
  • Give in memory of a loved one, family member, or friend.
  • Help children and their families in need that are currently struggling with cancer.

How can I help?

  1. Go to
  2. Click  Screenshot 2015-06-02 16.53.07 OR Screenshot 2015-06-02 16.53.38. By becoming a fundraiser you can create your own account, join or start a team, and get others involved! If you don't want to start a fundraiser for National Cancer Survivors Day, you can click the "Donate Now" button instead. This way you can make a donation - even in honor or memory of a loved one.
  3. Now share the news! Please share your fundraising page, create a team, and invite your friends and family to make a donation at on or before June 7th.

Thank You for your support

With your donation, you can give a gift in honor of a survivor, loved one, and to help those who are still struggling with cancer.

Through the generosity of people like you, we can continue to assist children and their families who are facing the hardships of a cancer diagnosis. The Foundation focuses on improving the mental, social and emotional well-being of these families while helping to minimize the devastation that cancer can cause.

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