Children's Cancer Recovery

Conquering Late Effects With The Rainbow

By Liz Perkins

Liz Perkins is a mother to a son who successfully met the challenge of three and 1/2 years of chemotherapy to cure acute lymphocytic leukemia. Now as a Children's Integrative Nutritionist, Liz is interested in helping moms and kids navigate through the landscape of chemotherapy with the most optimal nutrition and health possible. Liz Perkins has also taught nutrition and biology for 20 years and as a Health Coach creates personalized “roadmaps to health” that suits each individual's unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.  Learn more about Liz at


When your child finishes chemotherapy, it is a very emotional time. If your child had leukemia like mine, you might want to let him eat ice cream every night for a month, since he could not eat after 6pm due to the 6-MP pills he took every night for maintenance therapy for three years.

Well, we definitely celebrated with Ben & Jerry's and Creemies. And I kept my eyes focused on my goal for him: a vibrant, healthy life. I assembled our ammunition to keep late effects away. Lowered immunity, diminished executive functioning, delayed math processing speed, difficulty concentrating, lack of energy.

What's in our arsenal to protect the body from the ravages of cancer and the toxic treatments of chemotherapy?   We want to give the body what it needs to have the right genes turned on and the wrong genes turned off! What's the best way to do that?


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Get the rainbow in the body every day.

The colors in fruits and vegetables provide most of the nutrients that the body needs to do its work. I consider the work my son needs to do, recreate a healthy body, as demanding as the work of a professional athlete. Did you know a full grown competitive athlete needs at least 15 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to prevent free radical damage?

My son was 10 when he came off treatment and has been growing rapidly ever since. I wanted those new cells to be full of good nutrients and so fed him a whole foods diet.

His immune system has become so much stronger since I learned of JuicePlus+, a pure, fruit and vegetable supplement. This gets 30 fruits and vegetables in his body daily. And for that yellow cancer fighting pigment, Tumeric Cucurmin, well, we love our evening golden milk with honey….





Golden Milk Recipe



(Serves two)

2 cups local or organic, pastured milk

1 teaspoon organic turmeric

1 pinch black pepper

2 teaspoons raw honey



Heat milk in saucepan on stove on medium high.

Add turmeric and black pepper and stir as milk heats.

Envision the turmeric and black pepper protecting the liver, brain and intestinal cells as it also fights any remnant cancer cells.

Enjoy the way the yellow colors the milk.

Once milk is starting to steam slightly, remove from heat.

Stir in honey and pour into mugs.

Top with a little cinnamon if desired.

Enjoy this tasty elixir nightly.

You may substitute non dairy alternatives for milk.


Contact Liz to learn how you can get JuicePlus+ free for your child through the children's health study.


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